Das war perfekt – vom Präfekt!


Marokko hat damit quasi die „linke Flanke“ nach Europa nachhaltig blockiert! 


A Spanish Civil Guard pulls an African migrant from a border fence, as Spanish Civil Guard officers stand underneath, during an attempt to cross into Spanish territories, between Morocco and Spain's north African enclave of Melilla in this October 15, 2014 file photo. In September 2005, hundreds of African migrants stormed the barbed wire fences in the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla in Morocco, seeking to make their way into Europe. Five died and many were severely injured. Today, the flow of migrants trying to climb over what has become a towering fence in Melilla has slowed to a trickle. A decade of fortifications by Spanish authorities aimed at raising and strengthening the fence - plus legal changes to facilitate their return - have led to a dramatic change. The fence in Melilla offers a glimpse of what other European frontiers could look like in the future.  REUTERS/Jesus Blasco de Avellaneda/Files
Polizisten versuchen Flüchtlinge von dem Zaun in Melilla zu holen.(Symbolfoto) / Bild: REUTERS


Ein Artikel vom 21.11.2015 – WNZ

„Weiß Jemand - welche Länder südlich der Sahara liegen....

...aber - Alle wollen nach Europa!

Das muss toll sein - in Europa..... ;-)“


Marokko macht für die EU den Wellenbrecher…


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